Best Las Vegas Winter Landscaping Tips To Preserve Plants, Yards

Posted on: December 4th, 2013 by Landscaping and Pools Expert

Snow could be in the future for Las Vegas as I write this. So it has me thinking that now is a good to time to relay some useful Las Vegas winter landscaping tips to our loyal readers and customers. With freezing weather a potential during Vegas winters, it is important you work with your landscaping team (or be ready to do some things yourself) to ensure that your yard and plants survive the frigid temps.

Las Vegas Winter Landscaping Tips

I can speak from experience that many people here in the Las Vegas valley and Southern Nevada don’t do enough to protect water pipes and sprinklers. It is vital that your pipes are covered and prepared for freezing temps. If they aren’t you might be looking at costly repairs and other damages caused by flooding when the pipes crack, thus causing flooding.

The official website of the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers several Las Vegas winter landscaping tips as well, and I believe these two tips are the most important:  1. Insulate your irrigation backflow device by draping a towel over it and cover with a bucket or other protective cover that touches the ground. Never obstruct or seal the ports of a backflow protection device. 2. Wrap exposed irrigation pipes with pipe insulation, insulated “faucet socks,” an old towel or duct tape.

If you can do both of the above, you should be ahead of the game and will prevent damage. Much of the other inconvenience that occurs from damage caused by winter temps will be plants freezing and dying or being damaged. While this is a bummer, it most likely will cause no damage to the home or yard that can’t be overcome.

Something else to remember during the winter months is to make sure you are watering once a week at the most. If you have a sprinkler clock, make sure it is set properly. If you water by hand, many times less is more in the winter. Too much water can create ice and that is dangerous on sidewalks and can be unhealthy for vegetation.

Swimming pools also need to be remembered in the winter. If pool water freezes it can destroy the pump and possibly do damage to the actual pool. Many swimming pool pumps have temp gauges on them that are designed to automatically start the pump when the outdoor temperature hits a certain point. Make sure your pump is set properly before the cold hits, or make sure you start and stop your pump on really cold days and nights if you don’t have an auto gauge. If you don’t, I suggest you call us and we can install a new pump that will be energy efficient and prevent freezing.

Other winter landscaping tips include covering plants that can freeze,leaving already damaged plants alone, and pruning trees, shrubs and plants that need it.

Thanks again for reading and if there is anything we can do to help winterize your yard, please don’t hesitate to call us at 702.436.8080. Or send me a personal email at

Rob Desjardins is the owner of Desert Springs Landscaping, part of the Desert Springs Group. They are landscaping and swimming pool experts in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, and all of Southern Nevada.

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