Neighbors in Arizona Offer Desert Landscaping Ideas

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by Landscaping and Pools Expert

There are a lot of similarities between the desert climates of Las Vegas and the Phoenix area. And when we do our research about what is happening within the desert landscaping industry, some of the best ideas come from our neighbors in Arizona. This blog post focuses in on some of those ideas that can assist with your Las Vegas landscape projects.

Desert Landscaping Ideas

The article that caught our attention recently was, “Creating a lush desert oasis in the urban landscape.” The article was written by Haley Paul who is an Assistant in Extension in Urban Agriculture at the University of Arizona. Click for the entire Desert Landscaping article. Paul published the article in Green Living AZ Magazine, and it focuses in on some of the key ideas that make a desert landscape beautiful. And these ideas can definitely be implemented nicely here in Las Vegas.Lush Landscape Las Vegas project

One of the most interesting parts of the article was when Paul clarified the difference between the terms “xeriscape” and “zeroscape”. This is also a clarification that we continually make with our customers. Paul writes: “Many people mistake the term ‘xeriscape’ (Xeri is the Greek word for dry) with the concept of ‘zeroscape.’  Xeriscapes utilize desert-adapted plants that can withstand drought and are tolerant to the soils and climate of the desert southwest. Xeriscapes do not have to look barren and dry.  ‘Zeroscapes’ are those hot-looking landscapes with nothing but rock and cacti, and no tree in sight.”

Paul noted that there are more than 200 different plants and trees to choose from when it comes to implementing a new desert landscape. And here in Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a thorough landscape Las Vegas plant guide where you can look at the different vegetation to determine what you like. Click now for the official Landscape Las Vegas plant guide.

Paul suggests that a landscape project should also begin with the trees. “To create an oasis using desert-adapted plants, first consider tree selection and placement,” Paul writes. “A well-placed tree or two can make a significant impact on the air conditioning bill in the summer.  Providing the south-facing portion of the house with shade is critical. In addition, the western section of the house is important to shade from the long afternoon summer sun. So, consider planting trees in the landscape near the southwest and southeast corners of the house. Be sure to leave ample room for the tree’s growth at maturity.”

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