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Posted on: April 6th, 2012 by Landscaping and Pools Expert

The Top 10 Criteria to Use When Choosing a Las Vegas Pool Builder

Beginning the process of creating a dream Las Vegas swimming pool and yard can be daunting. But the very first thing you should understand about this pool construction process is that you need to choose a contractor that you will feel very comfortable working with. With that in mind, the Las Vegas pools experts at Desert Springs Pools and Spas have come up with the Top 10 tips to use when starting a pool contractor. Desert Springs Pools and Spas serve your Las Vegas, Southern Nevada, Green Valley, Henderson, Summerlin, and North Las Vegas pool needs. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email the Las Vegas pools experts at expert

  1. Stability
    1. How long in business?
    2. How old is the contractor license?
    3. What is the stability of the employees?
    4. Design Ability
      1. Do they offer 3D designs?
      2. What is experience of designer?
      3. Do the designers “listen” to YOUR requirements?
      4. Does the designer explain requirements of your property?
      5. Accessibility
        1. Does the contractor have an office?
        2. Does the contractor have sales and design department?
        3. Does the contractor have service department?
        4. Is the owner or the top official of the company available and can you meet them?
        5. Is this a Pool Builder or Broker?
          1. Who is going to build the pool? Their employees or unknown subcontractor?
          2. Where is the equipment that will be used?
          3. Is there an investment by the company for employees and equipment in order to safely and with quality build your pool?
          4. Security
            1. Lien release.  Do you get lien release? Where and when?
            2. You can and should be allowed to call any vendors or subcontractors to ensure proper lien release.
            3. Has the company invested in you and the community?
            4. Optional items
              1. Does the company offer other services i.e. landscaping, patio cover construction, other for your yard?
              2. Who holds the licenses?
              3. Are designers available?
              4. Who is responsible for each phase?
              5. Who coordinates each phase of the process?
              6. Pricing
              7. Do you actually know what you are getting for your investment?
              8. Do you have line items to compare?
              9. Where is your best value?
              10. Warranties
                1. Warranties are only as good as the company is.
                2. Warranties are only as good as the company is in business.
                3. Experts
                  1. Does the company keep up to date on industry trends?
                  2. Do they contribute to “expert articles” to magazines, websites, etc.?
                  3. Do they keep their communications up-to-date i.e. website, marketing?
                  4. Do they make investment in appearances?
                  5. Professionalism
                  6. First impressions count.
                  7. Last impressions mean the most.


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